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Heat Biologics

Heat Biologics is a public biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel cancer immunotherapy products designed to harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to eradicate cancer cells.  We believe our immunotherapy is a market-redefining approach to the treatment of cancer. We are an innovative and growing company and have a highly energized and accomplished team.

Position Information

We are seeking a highly motivated individual for the role of Research Associate II. The position will be based in Durham, North Carolina and will directly report to the Senior Director of Research in the Heat Research Group (HRG). The Research Associate works with the laboratory team to implement research programs being carried out at Heat Biologics.  This role proactively initiates and maintains practices required for an industry-compliant lab environment.  The purpose of this position is to help organize and manage routine operations in the lab while providing much needed in vitro and in vivo wet lab support.  This role will help support our senior research associates and research scientists, plus take a lead role in organizing and maintaining lab order.

The Research Associate (RA) will responsible for lab ordering of reagents and mice, tracking of invoices, keeping an organized list of received and ordered shipments and communicating with the lab for such deliveries.  Communication will also be required Heat Biologics and our subsidiaries including Pelican Therapeutics, located in San Antonio, Texas.  The RA will also be responsible for implementing and maintaining MSDS catalogs, flammable/corrosive reagents, and keeping the lab clean and organized.

The RA must also be familiar with mammalian cell culture such the passage of cell lines, and maintenance of cell stocks.  In vivo support will also be required; thus, the RA must be familiar with handling mice, collecting blood by tail vein, injections by various routes of administration (i.p., i.v., s.c., p.o.) and familiar with organ, tumor and blood processing.  This role will be 50% lab ordering/invoice tracking/delivery maintenance/operations/lab record keeping and 50% in vitro and in vivo support for ongoing programs.  Familiarity with immunology is a plus but not required.  After hours and weekend work will be required for animal work, cell culture and emergency activities such as freezer and liquid nitrogen backups

A successful candidate must be highly organized, self-motivated, and able to thrive in a fast-paced dynamic biotech environment where flexibility, tolerability to rapid change, and drive to make a significant impact, are essential.  The position requires a “together we win” team-based mindset.  Everything this position does will be in concordance with the lab and its members.  This is an operational and support role that requires experience in this area.


  • Lab ordering, invoice tracking, communicating (phone, in-person, email, fax) with vendors, reagent suppliers and organizations
  • Managing lab biohazardous trash treatment and removal, interaction with responsible vendors
  • Ability to work outside normal working hours as needed, occasionally early morning or nights as needed, and on the weekend for animal work, cell culture and emergency activities such as freezer and liquid nitrogen backups
  • Pro-actively implementing, building, maintenance and enforcing lab organizational procedures which will include reagent logs for flammable/corrosive material, commonly used reagents like cell culture media, FBS, PBS, HBSS
  • Creating and maintaining MSDS logs of all reagents in the lab
  • Role may include managing glass wash and autoclaving operations as required by the lab
  • In vitro work: tissue-culture (primary and immortalized), cell passaging, freeze/thaw cell lines, molecular biology support as needed. Flow cytometry, cell proliferation assays, familiarity with immunology is a plus
  • In vivo work: Mouse handling, injection of treatments via various routes of administration (s.c., i.p., p.o., i.v.), cheek bleeds, tail vein bleeds, ear/tail sniping for PCR or marking. Tumor implantation, measurement by calipers, processing spleen, tumor, blood tissues for flow cytometry
  • Regularly exercises technical discretion in the execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project goals
  • Makes detailed observations and carries out elementary data analysis; translating these observations into cohesive notebook entries
  • Understands experiments and conducts troubleshooting analysis
  • Assures proper labeling, handling, and storage of all chemicals used in the area; assures proper labeling and disposition of hazardous waste in satellite areas; adheres to all safety requirements and follows safe procedures, and attends all required safety and health training, including handling hazardous waste
  • Performs other work-related duties as assigned
  • Responsible for wearing PPE, and conducting oneself in accordance to local and state laws, internal compliance and procedures as set forth by SOPs and quality assurance


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree required in a related scientific field (biology, immunology, or biochemistry preferred).
  • 6+ years’ technical lab experience (academic or biotech/biopharmaceutical industry)
  • 4+ years’ laboratory management experience
  • 4+ years’ technical experience with mammalian cell culture and in vivo animal techniques as it relates to this job description
  • Good written and verbal communication and interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with all levels both within and outside the company is key

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package as well as an environment where your contributions can make a significant difference.

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Accepted formats: PDF, Word Doc