Dual-acting Immunotherapy

Our Combination Pan-antigen Cytotoxic Therapy (ComPACT) is a dual-acting immunotherapy designed to deliver T-cell activation and co-stimulation in a single product.

ComPACT helps unlock the body's natural defenses and builds upon ImPACT by also providing co-stimulation to enhance T-cell activation and expansion. It has the potential to simplify combination immunotherapy development for oncology patients, as it is designed to deliver the gp96 heat shock protein and a T-cell co-stimulatory fusion protein (OX40L) into a single compound.

ComPACT offers the potential benefits of combination immunotherapy without the need for multiple, independent biologic products.


  1. Enhances activation of antigen-specific CD8+ T-cells
  2. Serves as a booster to expand the number of antigen-specific T-cells compared to OX40 alone
  3. Stimulates T-cell memory function to remain effective in the body after treatment, even if the cancer comes back
  4. Demonstrates less toxicity: The unique identifier and co-stimulatory are supplied at the same time, driving targeted immunity towards the tumor rather than throughout the body